SBBCollege Ventura Is Now Offering FREE GED Prep Classes

Santa Barbara Business College in Ventura has established a free GED preparation program. This program is open to any Ventura County resident age 18 years or older. Students in the program attend individualized tutoring sessions, take practice tests, and receive counseling support towards earning their GED.

Over the last few years, SBBCollege in Ventura noticed a growing number of adult students applying to the school without a high school diploma. “We felt a need in the community to do more to help those without high school diplomas,” says Matthew Johnston, Santa Barbara Business College President. With Ventura County’s high school drop-out rate around 20% and roughly 9% of Ventura households with no high school diploma, SBBC decided to offer a free GED prep program in addition to the College's regular degree programs and job training.

“I’m glad that we can offer the GED prep program, especially because we heard from our students that some of the adult schools had waiting lists,” Ventura Campus Director Joe Liddicote said. “The GED test can be daunting for a lot of students, especially those who have been out of school for many years. We help them with their fundamental reading and math skills, as well as the other subjects on the exam. We felt it was important to offer a personalized approach to help them succeed.”


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