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Through a series of college courses, LASD and SBBCollege are helping Explorers develop a lifelong desire to learn.

Leroy Baca – Los Angeles Court Sheriff: I’ve always felt that the teacher that teaches best is the one that takes the lessons home and helps the family grow, not necessarily by teaching them to be cops but teaching them they have a desire to always learn something better.

A Partnership in Education

Dan Campbell – SBBCollege Instructor: We’re in partnership, Santa Barbara Business College, with the L.A County Sheriff’s Department and the program is to offer a series of courses for the explorers. Our first course is in the Criminal Justice field. We hope to offer a series of 8 others.

I’m a retired deputy sheriff from Ventura County. I’m third generation, my father was an LA county sheriff and my grandfather was an LAPD officer and my son now is a Ventura County Sherriff Deputy so we have four generations of law enforcement.

Omar Barragan – Student: “My advisor told me about this program and I was like ‘hey, let me just take this chance and it’s free and you know I can learn a lot – why not?’

Dan Campbell: The requirements are tests, homework, projects and we also have field trips and guest speakers. We have been to the range, where the students were allowed to fire weapons. We’ve been to the crime lab where they got to look at some forensic science evidence.

Cory Montgomery – Student: The shooting range was a lot of fun because I learned a lot of stuff that I didn’t know about shooting. I’ve been hunting and that kind of stuff my whole life but I never knew a lot of the stuff they were teaching us. It’s kind of like a one-on-one experience with the deputies where it wasn’t rushed or anything; we got a good 10-15 minutes with them. It was a good experience.

Dan Campbell: In addition to the field trips and guest speakers we also have, like any ordinary class, lecture time and we go through the textbook which has been designed for this class but is a regular college textbook.

Christopher Doyle – Student: He would have a little scene drawn out and he would have one person from each group go and explain to the rest of the group and write a report of what we think happened at the scene.


Matthew Johnston – President, SBBCollege: This investment that you’ve made in your education, we’re hoping that it will continue for the rest of your life. Education is something that no one can take away from you and it will develop you personally, professionally and we are very proud to be part of a partnership with the sheriff’s department.

Dr. Richard Weintraub – Director, LASD: I looked at the evaluations this morning that the students had filled out, and they score subject matter and professor etc. on a scale from 1-5 and it looks like about 90% of those scores were in the 5 range. I picked out just a couple of comments from those evaluations when they were evaluating Professor Dan Campbell and they were such as:

‘He motivated us to be successful. He made the subject matter easy to learn. He presented real life examples. And he taught us the how-to skills to implement the knowledge that we were presented.’

That’s pretty cool, the high ratings for this program.

Leroy Baca: You know who Michael Jordan is? One of the greatest Basketball players in the world, and Michael Jordan said ‘the shot you’ll always miss is the one you never take’.It’s interesting; you know basketball players aren’t going to make every shot. Human beings aren’t necessarily going to take every chance to go to school and educate themselves, but there are reasons for that.

But you took the chance, you took the shot and you’re here making the basket. You finished it, the ball went in the hoop and you scored your point. That’s what life is. When it comes to education, you got to take the shot. You got to get in there and dribble the ball, meaning fill out the application and start preparing yourself, so that by the time ball gets in your hands, you’re able to take that shot. If you miss it, alright – you can get the ball back and try it again, but if you never take the shot, you’ll never make the basket and you’ll never win on the team.


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