Earn your GED with SBBC!

Along with the College’s degree programs and career training, SBBCollege now offers a preparation course to help community members earn their GED!

Highlights of the course include:

A comfortable small-class setting that allows for more individualized attention.

Caring instructors who work hard to help you succeed.

Diagnostic assessments to help focus attention on the subjects where you need help the most.

A personal instructional plan designed specifically for you.

Test-taking and study skills that will help you be more successful throughout your life.

Flexible day, evening, or weekend classes

Open to the public and to all ages, the SBBCollege GED course prepares students for all five areas of the exam.

The course meets a few days a week for only a couple hourse each time and prepares students for to sit for the exam in just a few months.

SBBCollege GED preparation courses are designed to meet the needs of individual students while providing a comprehensive overview of the five subject areas addressed on the GED exam.

Specific needs are pinpointed using a diagnostic assessment, and a specific plan for each student is developed.

We work with each student, helping them discover which learning style is best for them. Then students learn how they can modify their study habits in order to retain the maximum amount of information.

Along with instruction of core subject areas - reading, writing, math, science, and social studies - comes valuable test-taking strategies. These strategies help our students understand the format and timeframe of the GED exam, and provide a way to approach each type of test question, including essay questions.

Currently this program is offered at our Bakersfield, and Ventura college campuses, and is coming soon to the SBBCollege campus near you.

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