Criminal Justice Student Enjoys Hands-on Classes

Video Transcript:

My name is Marla and I’m studying for my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice here at SBBCollege.

Reasons Behind the Choice: I decided to come to SBBC after high school because of the timespan that it takes for a student to graduate. It takes a year and a half to receive your associates degree and also because the classrooms are very small so the teachers get to know you by name. They get to know what type of student you are, so you’re not just one of 200 in a class. The fact that they know you - I think it makes a difference because if you’re struggling they know you’re struggling and they can help you. If you’re doing good they recognize that. They get to know you on a personal level.

Criminal Justice Program: With criminal justice, I like the whole aspect of the field. First I was into being an investigator. You learn everything hands-on. You do crime scenes. The teacher puts it all out for you. You get to report, take pictures, everything like how it is in real life – not just TV shows that are all quick. You actually get to learn from the beginning, so I just liked the whole aspect of that field. It got me interested.

Proud Parents: My parents and my family are really proud. I’m the first of the grandchildren to go to college, from both sides, and they’re happy that I got my associates but even more proud that I wanted to continue on to my bachelors - not just stop at associates and get a job, which is good anyway, but I wanted to keep going on to see what more I could achieve.

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