College invests $2 million in scholarships

SBBCollege has made a significant move towards supporting the future academic achievements of local college students by pledging $2 million in a new scholarship program, introduced during the College’s 125th anniversary celebrations. 

The College, which is spread over five campuses in Southern California including Ventura College, Bakersfield College and Santa Barbara College, is offering support of up to $5,000 to individuals wishing to continue their academic studies. Unlike many scholarships, applicants will not be judged on previous grades but instead on their potential for success in the future which is assessed on a series of essays and recommendations. 

Matthew Johnston, President of SBBCollege, says: ‘We’re very excited to be giving local students an affordable option to receive a college education, based not on past grades but their potential to succeed. Continuing studying past high school is not cheap, especially in this economic climate, so these scholarships will help provide students with an affordable future.’ 

Johnston continues ‘We’ve come a long way since our early days of training teachers and bankers at the turn of the 20th century. The College has seen two world wars, the Great Depression and countless earthquakes, and one thing remains constant: the enthusiasm for learning from our students. This scholarship program will ensure that continues for the next 125 years.’ 

Acceptance of funding for scholarships at SBBCollege will be based on a set criteria. Each course has its own conditions; however, applicants will generally have to demonstrate a desire to learn by completing an essay, showing referrals from employers or high school teachers or completing foundation courses at the college.

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