14 March 2018

Santa Paula Police Department Visit

This month we got the opportunity to visit the Santa Paula Police Department, which is one of SBBCollege’s externship locations. You may be wondering what an externship is. An externship is a temporary work program that provides training at organizations in the local community. It offers SBBCollege students on-the-job training and the opportunity to gain valuable work experience before they even graduate.


27 February 2018

What Can I Do With A Business Administration Degree?

The great thing about having a business degree is that you may be able to apply for multiple business roles in different industries. You could work in marketing, finance, education, the non-profit sector, government, entertainment, and much more.


21 February 2018

Instructor's Experience: Nursing Program

Norma has been a nursing program instructor at SBBCollege Bakersfield for about 10 years. She teaches clinical and healthcare ethics and theory courses. Norma provides students with detailed hands-on training and education inside of the lab and in the classroom.


15 February 2018

Tools Needed to Get Started as an HVAC Technician

Looking to start your career as an HVAC Technician, but curious about what tools are needed to perform the daily requirements of repairing and installing? We reached out to our HVAC Instructors, and they provided a long list of the main essential HVAC tools that a majority of our students use during their hands-on training in the HVAC technician lab.


12 February 2018

Year of the Dog

This year, Chinese New Year falls on Friday, February 16th. According to the Chinese Zodiac and Lunar Calendar, this year is celebrating the Year of the Dog. During this yearly tradition, individuals celebrate by eating one of the most popular foods during Chinese New Year’s Eve which are dumplings, spring rolls and sticky rice cake.


05 February 2018

Medical Assistant Students Learning To Administer Injections

It isn’t uncommon for many individuals to be afraid of needles, especially when they have to receive a shot. This term to describe needle phobia, is usually aichmophobia or belonephobia, fear of sharp pointed objects. This can be extremely difficult for individuals in the healthcare industry who need to administer injections for patients.


01 February 2018

The Importance of Memorizing Medical Tools & Surgical Instruments

As part of the medical assisting curriculum, SBBCollege medical assistants are required to be skilled, knowledgeable, and well-versed on medical tools, both simple and complicated. Many of the instruments that the students learn are ones that are in a primary care physician’s office.


21 January 2018

Medical Assistants Learn How to Wrap

Contrary to your belief of this blog being a how-to guide to build the perfect turkey wrap for lunch or how to drop a beat, it is actually a how-to-guide on all the different types of bandaging techniques. We shadowed our SBBCollege Santa Maria Medical Assistants and watched how they learned the different types of wrapping forms.


17 January 2018

Nursing 101: What Can I Expect & What Nursing Program Do I Need?

What does a nurse do? How do you get started in this profession? We broke it down for you to make it short and simple – so that you’ll be able to make a change today to get started in nursing school.


11 January 2018

Floyd's Business Administration Success Story

Our mission at SBBCollege is that our success is based on the success of our students. We love hearing about our student’s triumphs and their experience along the way. We had the opportunity to meet with Floyd, an SBBCollege Business Administration alumni, and speak with him about how SBBCollege has changed his future.


11 January 2018

Alumni’s Experience: Nursing Program

Alumni Victoria Z., describes her experience in the SBBCollege nursing program. Since her graduation in 2015, Victoria has passed her licensure exam and works as a licensed vocational nurse in an orthopedic facility.


08 January 2018

5 Reasons to Pursue a Nursing Career

Go to nursing school and pursue a nursing career. Here are 5 reasons to become a nurse.


27 December 2017

Why start your career in HVAC?

The great aspect of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) field is that it has the potential to be needed throughout the year, in multiple weather conditions.


21 December 2017

Happy Holidays from SBBCollege!

Our SBBCollege campuses were filled with holiday spirit throughout this month! Our staff and students spread holiday cheer by organizing festive events.


19 December 2017

Three Factors to see if a Medical Assistant Career is Right for You

When individuals are contemplating if they want to return to school, it becomes quite overwhelming. Their minds loom with multiple questions like if it is the right fit, do they have enough money, or if they have enough time. If you have been wanting to start a medical assistant program, you must have asked yourself if you have what it takes.


18 December 2017


Finals are just around the corner and there is so much to cram in! Instead of pulling your hair out, here are some study tips to help prepare you for finals week.


14 December 2017

Hands-On Tracheostomy Care

This week we got to see our SBBCollege Bakersfield nursing students perform tracheotomy care in the lab!


12 December 2017

Get Your Degree in Business Administration

Get Your Degree in Business Administration at SBBCollege!


06 December 2017

SBBCollege Vocational Nursing Program Among Top Five in State!

The SBBCollege Santa Maria Vocational Nursing program was ranked 5th out of 129 vocational nursing programs – making it one of the top nursing programs in California!


13 October 2017

SBBCollege Donates Amazon Kindles to Bakersfield HS Band

SBBCollege donated 100 Amazon Kindles to the Bakersfield High School Driller Marching Band. The tablet donations is part of an initiative to increase not only the learning potential of local students, but also to support technology in education.


02 November 2015

SBBCollege News Roundup

There are always lots of fun activities happening across our campuses. Here is a roundup of what has been going on at SBBCollege recently.


15 December 2014

SBBCollege Recent News Roundup

Things are always busy around our campuses so we’d like to take the chance to roundup some of the recent events and news.


01 October 2014

Ventura Aviation Program Featured on KEYT News

A new aviation program is launched at Santa Barbara Business College in Ventura in order to train local students to become qualified commercial pilots.


06 June 2014

SBBCollege Attends NAFSA 2014 in San Diego

Staff from SBBCollege attended NAFSA 2014 from May 25-30 in San Diego at the San Diego Convention Centre.


13 May 2014

Crime Scene Career Workshop

Join high school students as they discover what a criminal justice career involves and find out more about crime scene investigation.


06 May 2014

Healthcare Administration Graduate Loves Helping Patients

Healthcare Administration graduate Karina tells of her love for meeting and helping people in her new career.


03 January 2014

Cancer Survivor Graduates as a Medical Assistant

Cancer survivor Alissa talks about choosing to return to college and about getting her degree in Medical Assisting at SBBCollege.


11 December 2013

SBBCollege Ventura spreads Christmas cheer

SBBCollege Ventura has helped those less fortunate this holiday season by helping out at a local food pantry, as well as providing their own students in financial need with holiday care packages.


13 November 2013

SBBCollege Santa Maria supports Toys for Tots

SBBCollege Santa Maria is hoping to bring a little holiday cheer to hundreds of less fortunate children by supporting the Toys for Tots project.


21 October 2013

Medical Assisting Graduate Finds Support

Roxanne, a graduate of the Medical Assisting program at SBBCollege talks about the supportive learning environment.


18 October 2013

SBBCollege Career Services: Making Students Professionals

Lee Yarborough of Career Services describes how the college helps students during and after their time at SBBCollege.


16 October 2013

SBBCollege's Learning Environment Helps Students Succeed

Business Instructor Kathleen McManus describes some of the approches used at the college that helps students succeed.


08 October 2013

SBBCollege Rancho Mirage to mark special occasion

SBBCollege Rancho Mirage will be hosting a full day of celebrations to coincide with the College’s 125th anniversary which is being celebrated this year. The Mayor will be amongst the fun at the event, which is taking place on Thursday October 24th.


07 October 2013

SBBCarnival at Bakersfield campus

SBBCollege Bakersfield will be hosting a carnival to coincide with the College’s 125th anniversary which is being celebrated this year. The event, which is taking place on Friday October 18th, will also mark the opening of the Criminal Justice Museum by the Mayor, Harvey Hall.


21 September 2013

SBBCollege Celebrates 125 Years: Students Perspective

One of our current Health Information Technology students share their story and their thoughts on what it means for SBBCollege to be celebrating 125 years.


18 September 2013

SBBCollege Ventura to mark special occasion

SBBCollege Ventura will be hosting a fun-filled night of celebrations to coincide with the College’s 125th anniversary which is being celebrated this year. The event, which is taking place on Tuesday, September 17th, will be attended by Ventura Mayor Mike Tracy, who will be a special guest of on honor on the day.


11 September 2013

SBBCollege Santa Maria to mark special occasion

SBBCollege Santa Maria will be hosting a fun-filled day of celebrations to coincide with the College’s 125th anniversary which is being celebrated this year. The event, which is taking place on Thursday, September 5th, will be attended by Madame Mayor Alice Patino who will be a special guest of on honor on the day.


08 September 2013

Criminal Justice Class at SBBCollege

SBBCollege instructor Dan Campbell gives us an insight into how his Criminal Justice class recreate a crime scene footprint.


08 August 2013

SBBCollege searches for former stars

SBBCollege is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and to mark this significant milestone they are on a quest to track down their former alumni and invite them to be part of a seminal moment in the College’s history.


22 July 2013

International students hone English skills

40 international students are to graduate this Friday July 26th from a three week intensive English Language and American Culture Program in preparation for college next year.


17 June 2013

SBBCollege Presents Criminal Justice Career Info Session to Ventura and Oxnard Communities

If you are curious about the many facets of criminal justice, please join us at SBBCollege Ventura on Thursday, June 20th at 6:00 p.m. when we host a Criminal Justice Career Information Session.


14 June 2013

SBBCollege provided life-saving skills in Kern County’s Sidewalk CPR Day

Bakersfield celebrity and one of rock’s most talented musicians, Kris Kohls, lent his support to a local college’s vital life-saving initiative.


13 June 2013

SBBCollege offers Nursing Career Information Session to assist with nursing shortage

SBBCollege Santa Maria is holding a program to address the nursing shortage in California. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state of California is looking to fill 800,000 vacant positions in the nursing field within the next two years*.


10 June 2013

College urges students to do themselves justice

SBBCollege Ventura is launching a program to encourage students to consider a career in the criminal justice sector which expects to see an 18% increase in job opportunities in the next seven years


06 June 2013

SBBCollege voted a favorite school in Ventura County

For the second year in a row, SBBCollege Ventura has been voted as a favorite trade school of West Ventura County in the VC Star’s 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards.


06 June 2013

SBBCollege to tackle nursing shortage

SBBCollege Santa Maria is launching a program to tackle the critical nursing shortage in the state of California. According to estimates California is looking to fill 800,000 vacant nursing positions by 2015


01 June 2013

Santa Barbara Business College Raises Over $250 for Walk4Water

Students, faculty and staff of Santa Barbara Business College joined the ‘Walk4Water’ charity walk on Santa Barbara’s East Beach last Saturday, May 4th, and raised $268 for families in need around the world.


30 May 2013

Medical Assisting Graduate Embarks on New Career

Medical Assisting Graduate Deborah explains how SBBCollege helped her to achieve her potential and find a new career.


15 May 2013

Congrats, Marylu!

Business Administration bachelor’s degree graduate of our Santa Barbara college campus, Marylu, has started her career working in the business field.


19 March 2013

The Inside Scoop About the Paralegal Program at SBBCollege

Want to know what it’s like to attend SBBCollege for paralegal studies? We sat down with Leslie, a student in the legal training program, who gave us the inside scoop.


07 February 2013

SBBCollege Graduate Begins Criminal Justice Career

One of SBBCollege's 2013 criminal justice graduates, Brittanny, explains why she went back to school and how she has been using her degree.


23 January 2013

SBBCollege Santa Maria Grads to Receive Degrees in Ceremony, Including the College’s First MBA, and Start New Careers

Santa Barbara Business College will host a graduation ceremony for its winter class of 2013 on Friday, January 25, 2013. The ceremony will take place at the Santa Maria Fairpark’s Convention Center at 7:00 pm.


17 January 2013

Help SBBCollege Cares raise donations for Underdogz!

Join SBBCollege Bakersfield as they make chew toys and blankets for their four-legged friends, as well as collect food and other pet items.


15 January 2013

Student Success: Nursing Grad Starts Career at Caregiver Agency, and More!

Graduate of the vocational nursing program in Santa Maria, Jay C. is now working at St. Matthew’s Caregiver Agency in Santa Maria.


14 January 2013

Success Stories: Graduates from Coachella Valley College Start Careers!

SBBCollege Rancho Mirage, a technical school in the Coachella Valley, honored its graduates in a Winter commencement ceremony Friday, January 11th at the Westin Mission Hills in Rancho Mirage, California. The graduates received job training diplomas and associate’s degrees, and many of them are already working in their chosen career field.


11 January 2013

SBBCollege Santa Maria Commencement – Grads Ready for Workforce

Santa Barbara Business College will hold a graduation ceremony to honor the College’s graduating class on Friday, January 13, 2012. The ceremony will take place at the Santa Maria Fairpark’s Convention Center at 7:00 pm.


10 January 2013

CareerBuilder names Accounting, Nursing, Info Tech, Paralegal and Medical Billing as Hottest Job Prospects

As 2013 settles in, many people will be looking for a new career in the new year. Whether they want to update their skills to advance in their current field or switch to a whole new career field, receiving a career-oriented associate’s degree can help them reach their career goals.


08 January 2013

SBBCollege Bakersfield & Rancho Mirage Hold Graduation Ceremony

SBBCollege Bakersfield and SBBCollege Rancho will honor their graduates in a graduation ceremony this Friday, January 11th.


27 December 2012

Chris has big plans for 2013. How about you?

Chris is graduating with her master’s degree this coming year from SBBCollege. Excited for graduation and what her degree can do for her personal and professional life, Chris is encouraging others to do the same.


11 December 2012

SBBC Santa Maria Gives Back this Holiday Season

SBBC Santa Maria, a career college in Santa Maria, California, has been giving back to their community this holiday season.


05 December 2012

Student Success: Pharmacy Tech School Grads Find Careers in Santa Maria

SBBC Santa Maria, a Santa Maria college offering associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, recently helped their students in the pharm tech training program start their careers in the pharmacy field.


27 November 2012

SBBCollege Cares Preps Food for Homeless Shelter’s Thanksgiving Dinner

SBBCollege Cares was in full effect this Thanksgiving season, as SBBCollege Santa Barbara, a college offering medical training and business classes in Santa Barbara, helped the local homeless center prep its Thanksgiving meal.


07 November 2012

Business College in Coachella Valley Hosts Blood Drive

SBBCollege Rancho Mirage, a business and technical college in Rancho Mirage, hosted a blood drive for the Coachella Valley community at their campus on Nov. 1st.


26 October 2012

SBBCollege Santa Maria to Host Blood & Turkey Drive, Nov 6th

SBBCollege Santa Maria will be hosting a blood and turkey drive at their campus at 303 E. Plaza Drive on Tuesday, November 6th from 11am to 3pm.


22 October 2012

Success Stories: Grads of Business College in Ventura Start their Careers!

Graduates of SBBCollege’s business administration career training classes in Ventura County have started their new careers in the business field. With training in financial accounting classes, marketing courses and management, these graduates received their degrees in business administration.


18 October 2012

Crime Scene Investigation Class Project in SBBCollege’s Criminal Justice Program

Along with classroom lectures, whenever possible, students in the SBBCollege Criminal Justice degree program participate in hands-on training. Using the theory and skills learned in the criminal justice classes in an actual hands-on setting can help students prepare for their careers in the criminal justice field.


11 October 2012

Success Stories: Medical Assistant Grads Start Careers and Pass RMA Exam!

SBBCollege's medical training programs had some recent success as graduates from the program have found their new careers! Congrats to these grads who received training in medical assisting, and are now working as medical assistants in their communities.


03 October 2012

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

What does a pharmacy technician do? Pharmacy technicians play a vital role in pharmacies. They support licensed pharmacists in day-to-day activities, such as assisting in patient consultations, counter dispensing and prescription preparation.


07 September 2012

SBBCollege Cares Joins the Veterans Stand Down in Bakersfield

In an attempt to extend our service from the classroom to the rest of the community, SBBCollege Cares will provide community service to the California Veterans Assistance Foundation on Friday, Sept 28th.


30 August 2012

Success Stories: Students Find Careers After Graduating from Medical School Training in Santa Maria

After receiving medical assisting training and taking classes to prepare them for their medical office careers, SBBCollege is happy to report they have successfully found careers in the healthcare industry!


24 August 2012

SBBCollege Santa Maria Graduation Ceremony

Santa Barbara Business College will hold a graduation ceremony to honor the College’s graduating class on Friday, August 24, 2012. The ceremony will take place at the Santa Maria Fairpark’s Convention Center at 7:00 pm.


20 August 2012

Graduates Celebrate Commencement from Ventura College Campus

SBBCollege recently honored its graduates of the Ventura college campus. Graduates received associate's degrees and diplomas in business administration, criminal justice, paralegal studies, medical assisting and medical office career training programs.


14 August 2012

Student Success: Graduates Start Careers in Coachella Valley as Legal Assistant, Juvenile Services Officer and More!

After receiving career training in the criminal justice classes and the paralegal degree program at Santa Barbara Business College in Rancho Mirage, these graduates have started their new criminal justice careers and legal office careers. Great job graduates!


06 August 2012

SBBCollege Cares Joins Habitat for Humanity in Oxnard

In their quest to extend their helping spirit from the classroom into the community, SBBCollege Cares closed its campuses and offices to join Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County for a build day in Oxnard.


30 July 2012

Student Success: Business School Graduates Start Careers as Accounting Clerk, Marketing Manager and More!

After receiving career training in the business administration classes at Santa Barbara Business College, these graduates received their degrees in business and have started their business office careers. Great job graduates!


19 July 2012

SBBC Graduate – How He Became a Student, a Man, and a Medical Assistant

SBBCollege Santa Barbara recently held a commencement ceremony for their graduating class of 2012. Honoring their grads, the ceremony included a keynote speech from Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez, as well as student speeches reflecting on their time at Santa Barbara Business College.


13 July 2012

Success Stories: Santa Barbara Grads Receive Degrees & Start Careers!

SBBCollege Santa Barbara held its annual graduation ceremony on June 29, 2012 at Fess Parker's Doubletree Resort in Santa Barbara.


06 July 2012

SBBCollege Ventura hosts Blood Drive for Communities of Ventura and Oxnard

As part of Santa Barbara Business College's SBBCollegeCares program,SBBCollege Ventura hosted a blood drive on July 3, 2012 at their campus on Market Street in Ventura.


02 July 2012

Success Stories: Graduates Begin their Medical Careers!

SBBCollege is happy to report the following graduates have successfully started their careers!


07 June 2012

SBBCollege to host free Hands-Only CPR training in honor of National CPR Week

In honor of National CPR Week, the American Heart Association (AHA) is collaborating with the Kern County Emergency Medical Services Agency to coordinate a county- wide CPR program


06 June 2012

Retired NFL Player and Iraqi War Veteran, Jeremy Staat to Address Graduates at SBBCollege Bakersfield ‘s Graduation Ceremony

Fresh from completing his Wall-to-Wall cross-country bike ride, Jeremy Staat – Bakersfield’s own hometown hero – will honor the Spring graduating class of Santa Barbara Business College and serve as the keynote speaker at the College’s graduation ceremony.


22 May 2012

College Night 2012 for Ventura and Oxnard

SBBCollege Ventura is hosting College Night 2012 on Thursday, May 31st at 6:00 pm.


04 May 2012

Success Stories: Grads Find Careers in Healthcare and Criminal Justice!

Congrats to our alumni who've started their new careers!


01 May 2012

SBBCollege Cares – Campuses Host Blood Drives and Support Local Blood Supply

At SBBCollege, we recognize the need to support our communities in more ways than one. That’s why we are happy to work with local blood banks and host blood drives to contribute to the crucial life-saving blood supply for our communities.


25 April 2012

SBBCollege Cares Honors Earth Day with Community Service

In an effort to better serve their communities, SBBCollege has created SBBCollege Cares, a multifaceted campaign designed to better the lives of people in our communities through community service, low- and no-cost training, and other similar projects.


19 April 2012

Success Stories: Online grads start careers, and more!

Congratulations to the SBBC graduates who have started their careers!


13 April 2012

SBBCollege Santa Maria Hosts Free Event to Help Job Seekers Get Hired

SBBCollege Santa Maria will hold a Professional Resource Development Fair on Friday, May 4th from 10 am to 1 pm, at their campus located on 303 Plaza Drive in Santa Maria.


06 April 2012

College Night 2012 for Coachella Valley

SBBCollege Rancho Mirage will host College Night 2012 on Thursday, April 26th at 6:00 pm. High school seniors, parents, recent graduates and friends are invited to see what it could be like to be part of the college experience.


30 March 2012

Student Success: CJ grad starts career in security and more!

Congratulations to the SBBC graduates who have started their careers!


12 March 2012

Student Success: Nursing grads pass state board exam and Pharmacy grad offered full-time position at local hospital!

Congratulations to the graduates who have recently passed their exams and certifications to help them prepare for their careers!


29 February 2012

Career Fair for Coachella Valley – Job Opportunities, Local Employers, Hiring Tips and more!

SBBCollege Rancho Mirage hosted a career fair on Thursday, February 23rd from 2:30 to 5:30 pm.


24 February 2012

Student Success: Grad begins career as medical records clerk and more!

Congratulations to the graduates who have recently begun their new careers in their chosen fields!


09 February 2012

Student Success: Grads become Licensed Professionals!

SBBC would like to congratulate the following graduates for accomplishing their goals and becoming licensed professionals!


25 January 2012

College Night 2012 for Santa Maria – Career Training Workshops, Scholarship Info and More!

SBBCollege Santa Maria will host College Night 2012 on Thursday, February 2nd at 7:00 pm. SBBCollege invites high school seniors, their parents, recent graduates and the rest of the Santa Maria community to see what it could be like to be part of the college experience.


09 January 2012

SBBCollege Students Investigate Crime Scene

Students in SBBCollege’s Criminal Justice degree program recently participated in a hands-on training lab where they investigated a mock crime scene, preparing them for real-life scenarios in their criminal justice careers, such as forensics or crime scene investigations.


06 January 2012

Success Stories: Medical & Business Grads Start Careers

Congratulations to the graduates who have recently begun their new careers in their chosen fields!


19 December 2011

Success Stories: Grads Find Careers in Medical Offices and More

What could be better than receiving the gift of employment around the holidays? These are some of the graduates who Santa Barbara Business College helped reach their career goals this season.


28 November 2011

From Sailor to Student: A Veteran’s Story at SBBCollege

Are you trying to find your place in the civilian sector? With high unemployment rates for veterans, it can be difficult to find success after returning from active duty. With help from family, friends and veterans-service providers, veterans can get back on their feet and begin a new chapter in their life.


24 November 2011

Success Stories: Grads Hired at their Extern Sites

Congrats to our graduates who were hired at their extern sites!


21 November 2011

Success Stories: Bidding War over SBBC Grad, and More!

Here are a few success stories our students and graduates experienced this month.


17 November 2011

SBBCollege Hands-on Crime Scene Lab

Students in SBBCollege’s criminal justice program participated in a hands-on crime scene lab this month. The lab gave students an idea of what it would be like to work in the field of crime scene investigations and forensics and prepares them for careers in the criminal justice field.


02 November 2011

SBBCollege Bakersfield to Hold College Night for High School Seniors

Santa Barbara Business College’s Bakersfield campus will hold a College Night on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 7:00 pm. The career-focused college will welcome high school seniors and their parents, along with recent high school graduates, to visit the Bakersfield college campus on California Avenue to see what it could feel like to be part of the SBBCollege experience.


14 October 2011

SBBCollege is Participating in the October 20th Great California ShakeOut!

SBBCollege is joining in what is now the world’s largest earthquake preparedness drill on October 20th at 10:20 a.m., with official registration now topping eight million people!


06 October 2011

Success Stories: CJ Grad Starts Career as Case Worker

Here is a success story from one of our recent graduates.


21 September 2011

SBBC Students Volunteer at Health Fair Screening

Medical students of Santa Barbara Business College’s Santa Barbara campus participated in a health fair screening last Friday, September 16th at the Franklin Neighborhood Center in Santa Barbara, Ca. Earning their associate’s degree or career training diploma in the field of medical assisting, these students were happy to put their medical training to use to help their community.


14 September 2011

Success Stories: Grads Begin their New Careers!

Here are some of the success stories our students and graduates have experienced this week.


07 September 2011

SBBC Grad’s Dreams Come True

Here’s an inspiration piece from our student speaker at the 2011 graduation ceremony in Ventura. Sheri B. graduates with an Associate of Science in Medical Assisting, and reminds us all that if you work hard enough, you can make your dreams come true!


01 September 2011

Success Stories: Grads Find Success in the Workforce

After a successful graduation season at our campuses, Santa Barbara Business College is proud of the graduates who are now entering the work force. Here are a few places where our graduates have accepted employment.


29 August 2011

SBBC Student Highlighted in Extern Site’s Newsletter

Rachel Stepka, currently enrolled in the business administration bachelor’s degree program at SBBCollege Santa Barbara, was recently highlighted in the August 2011 newsletter of Casa Esperanza for the services she has provided them.


24 August 2011

Women Advance in Criminal Justice Fields

In today’s society, we find more and more women in high-level positions in the criminal justice field. This is strongly evident in Ventura County, where women hold several of the highest positions in law enforcement.


18 August 2011

SBBCollege Santa Maria holds Community Blood Drive

Wanting to give back to their community, Santa Barbara Business College invited the United Blood Services to their Santa Maria campus for two community blood drives this summer.


20 July 2011

SBBCollege Now Offers Bachelor's Degree Programs

Santa Barbara Business College is now offering bachelor’s degree programs.


17 June 2011

SBBCollege Commencement Ceremony to Honor 2011 Graduating Class

In a tradition dating back to the College's first graduating class in 1888, Santa Barbara Business College will honor its graduates in a commencement ceremony to be held at Fess Parker’s Doubletree Resort June 24th at 7:00 pm.


22 April 2011

SBBCollege Student Featured in National Magazine Article

Anna Henson, a student at SBBCollege’s Bakersfield campus, was recently highlighted in the national magazine, The Link, about how she balances school with her family life.


28 March 2011

New Medical Program at Santa Barbara Business College is a HIT

Earlier today, Santa Barbara Business College began enrolling students into a new medical program. The Health Information Technology program, abbreviated HIT, is the latest degree program added to the College’s catalog of medical program offerings.


11 March 2011

Santa Barbara Business College Prepares Students for the Medical Field

Looking for a way to get started in the medical field? Have you always pictured yourself wearing scrubs to work and working hands-on with patients? Why not start your medical career as a medical assistant? With training in Santa Barbara Business College’s medical assisting program, students can earn their medical degree and be prepared to enter a field with lots of medical job opportunities.


03 March 2011

SBBC Students Volunteer Medical Services to National Kidney Foundation

Students in the medical assisting program at Santa Barbara Business College’s campuses in Ventura and Santa Barbara volunteered their medical services to the National Kidney Foundation in February 2011, as part of the Foundation’s Kidney Screening Program in Santa Barbara.


23 February 2011

SBBCollege Aids in Transition from Military Service to School

Just out of the military and unsure which direction to go now? Why not start your way toward a rewarding career? Santa Barbara Business College can help you get there!


14 February 2011

SBBCollege’s Criminal Justice Program Prepares Students for their Dream Careers

Want to start a career in the criminal justice system? Have you seen all of the television shows filled with crime scene investigations, forensics and law enforcement and think it would be the perfect career for you? Why not check outSanta Barbara Business College’s Criminal Justice program, and start your dream career doing what you’ve always wanted to do?


10 February 2011

Medical Training Available in Ventura

SBBCollege Ventura offers medical programs with no waiting lists and the flexibility to begin medical training shortly after applying.


04 February 2011

CA Strawberry Scholarship

The California Strawberry Commission is awarding scholarship money for college!


01 February 2011

College Night 2011 for Coachella Valley – Campus Tours, Career Training Workshops

SBBCollege Rancho Mirage will host College Night 2011 on Thursday, December 8th at 6:00 pm. High school seniors, parents, recent graduates and friends are invited to see what it could be like to be part of the college experience.


28 January 2011

SBBCollege is a Paralegal School that Provides Real-World Training

Thinking of a career in law? Looking for the excitement of law office jobs, paralegal jobs, assisting lawyers or other legal opportunities? Students in the Santa Barbara Business College Paralegal Studies program receive real-world training that will prepare them for rewarding and exciting careers in the legal field.


24 November 2010

SBBCollege is a Really, Really Old School

SBBCollege has been around for over 120 years, and has grown significantly in that time


04 October 2010

SBBCollege Joins UCSB in Higher Education Week

UC Santa Barbara’s Early Academic Outreach Program will host a Higher Education Week at local high schools in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, from October 19th-22nd. The events will include representatives from colleges, universities and other higher education institutions visiting high schools to promote awareness about opportunities for education after high school.


30 July 2010

SBBC Holds Pinning Ceremony for 2010 Graduating Nursing Class

Today will mark the beginning of an exciting new phase for graduating vocational nursing students attending Santa Barbara Business College in Santa Maria. In a tradition dating back to Florence Nightingale, the graduating class of nursing students will receive their nursing pins at a ceremony to be held at the Santa Maria Inn at 6:00 pm.


02 July 2010

Want to Learn More about Vocational Nursing?

Are you studying vocational nursing but still not sure of all the career options? Are you considering enrolling into a nursing program but first want to know what jobs would be available? Read on to see what the Bureau of Labor Statistic's Occupational Outlook Handbook has to say about Vocational Nurses and all of the practical career opportunities.


26 March 2010

SBBCollege Grad in the Field

Sarah from our Bakersfield campus asked one of our graduates about their experience at SBBCollege, and how they’re doing in their career field today.


22 March 2010

High School’s Over…What’s Next?

The end of the school year is coming up soon. The beginning of summer will be here before you know it, and those of you who have graduated high school will have to decide what to do next. Will you move away and start attending a traditional 4-year university, or continue your education at the local community college? Or have you decided to brave the labor market, in hopes of finding a job? Not sure?


18 February 2010

SBBC Now a Designated CLA/CP Testing Site! Exam Prep also Available.

Santa Barbara Business College is proud to announce that the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) has designated our Ventura Campus an official testing location for the Certified Legal Assistant/Certified Paralegal (CLA/CP) certification exam.


20 November 2009

SBBCollege Can Change your Life.

See how Santa Barbara Business College changed this student’s life - with the help of caring and supportive staff and instructors, KaSaundra achieved her dream career.


10 July 2009

Palm Desert Campus’ 1st Graduating Class

We’re very proud to announce that our Palm Desert campus recently had its first graduating class. They’ll join the ranks of proud SBBC alumni with great jobs and successful careers. Congrats graduates!


01 July 2009

SBBCollege Prepares Business Graduates for Success!

Here at SBBCollege, we give our students the tools needed to help them get a great job and the confidence to turn that job into a successful career. One of our many success stories is Daniel Caudillo, a graduate of our business program in Bakersfield.


29 June 2009

SBBCollege Receives Recognition of Merit

Santa Barbara Business College has been awarded membership in the Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society.


05 June 2009

Meet SBBC Student: Jimmy Vasquez

With his first term at SBBCollege complete, meet criminal justice student Jimmy Vasquez.


23 April 2009

You do the studying…SBBCollege will work with Uncle Sam to help pay your tuition.

You do the studying…SBBCollege will work with Uncle Sam to help pay your tuition.


03 April 2009

A Day in the Life of an SBBCollege Student: Jorge Godinez, Criminal Justice

Anyone reading this can benefit from going back to school just like I have. The work can be challenging but I know that if I stick with it, a great career is waiting for me just around the corner. I must admit at first I was a little skeptical to be back to school, but I know now that it was the best decision I ever made. So I welcome anyone who is ready to change their life to join me at Santa Barbara Business College.


30 October 2008

SBBCollege Grad Profile

Here at SBBCollege, we give our students the tools they need to help them get a great job, and a successful career. One of our many success stories is Roz Korman, a graduate of our business program at SBBCollege Santa Maria.


10 October 2008

College and Career Fair – Santa Maria

No money for school? Most people don’t realize there’s free money for college just waiting for them in the form of grants and scholarships. Representatives will be on hand to answer questions and help you discover the resources you qualify for. Going to school is possible when you have the right information.


19 September 2008

SBBCollege is making friends online…

Hello everyone! Welcome to the SBBCollege Blog!


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