Why should I study network administration?

Network Administration is a skillset which is currently in high demand in the modern world of work. This demand should grow further with continuing technology advancements and increasing reliance on that technology to power business communication and storage systems.  

After obtaining an associate’s degree, students will be qualified to work as a network administrator. This is a role which exists in a variety of different industries – something which often appeals to graduates as they will be able to keep their career fresh by working across different fields, including the public and private sector. This flexibility can prevent the kind of career stagnation that others may experience after graduating in a very specific niche. So for career longevity and promising job prospects in the current climate, network administration can be a great field to enter.

What skills will I develop studying network administration?

While studying network administration you will develop a full understanding of network systems administration with an emphasis on Microsoft networking – this incorporates all of the main skills which will be required to effectively manage a computer network, including those detailed further below:

  • Configuration of basic systems and file management
  • Software and hardware installation
  • Configuring, optimizing, and networking LANs and WANs
  • Network troubleshooting and maintenance
  • An introduction to remote access, gateway connections, and optimizing networks
  • An introduction to client/servers
  • Network design and administration
  • Systems integration
  • Security and server applications

How can I apply these skills?

One of the most valuable elements of a degree in network administration is that the skills it provides are applicable in numerous industries. As businesses in all sectors become increasingly reliant on technology, there can be very good opportunities for graduates in this field.

While the skills taught by a degree in this subject are not generally transferable beyond computing roles, there is a great variety of positions which you might be able to take up within the growing IT departments of companies across many different industries. Below are some of the job positions which you could consider moving into once graduating in network administration with an associate’s degree from SBBCollege.

  • Network Administrator
  • IT Assistant
  • Network Technician
  • Technical Sales Consultant

It is possible that individuals with this degree may be able to use it as a basis to pursue other avenues as well. Technical computing knowledge is a valuable skill and can be particularly useful to startups and small businesses, for which an in-house technical systems expert can be invaluable. It may also be of great use to those with some entrepreneurial spirit who might like to try launching their very own business, whether that is in the computing field or not. Almost all businesses these days require some form of secure network setup to ensure efficient business practices and security of data. 

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