Why should I study healthcare administration?

Healthcare administration is a popular degree option in many colleges, as graduates in this discipline can benefit from a wide range of employment opportunities.

Graduates can advance to a variety of roles across different work environments including hospitals, care facilities, and health insurance companies to name just a few. We offer a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration which will prepare graduates for entry-level management positions within the healthcare industry.

There will always be a requirement for healthcare institutions, which should mean there will also be a reasonable number of jobs available in this area. This means it offers a relatively secure choice of degree for those worried about future employment opportunities.

As this degree focuses on preparing graduates for management positions, rather than provision of healthcare itself, there are many strong transferable skills which can be gained as part of this program. This would allow students to potentially work in other areas of management beyond the healthcare industry. Person

What skills will I develop studying healthcare administration?

While studying healthcare administration at SBBCollege, you will be able to pick up skills in the following areas which will help you when it comes to finding a relevant career:

  • Medical diagnostic coding –this will allow you to accurately code patient encounters using various systems
  • An introduction to anatomy and physiology
  • An understanding of effective medical billing procedures covering insurance, appointment management and accounts
  • An overview of patient care software
  • An introduction to electronic systems used for collecting and processing health related information
  • Medical drugs – an introduction to the most commonly used drugs, their usages, dosages and potential patient reactions
  • Ensures a thorough understanding of the current and future healthcare delivery system in the US
  • An understanding of global health issues including environmental issues such as water and air contamination
  • An overview of healthcare accounting practices and business management in healthcare organizations
  • An introduction to healthcare marketing, including techniques and research opportunities

How can I apply these skills?

The skills acquired as part of a healthcare administration degree can be applied in a variety of different roles and workplace environments. Due to the focus on managerial skills, this degree can be used in conjunction with relevant experience to pursue positions in management beyond the healthcare industry. Some of the most common positions which healthcare administration graduates continue to include:

  • Billing Manager
  • Clinic Manager
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Medical Records Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Practice Administrator
  • Program Manager

As you can see by looking at the above titles, some of these are specific to the healthcare industry, while some others are titles which could be found across any number of different industries. The ability to shift across a number of different industries in management roles is often viewed as a major benefit of this course by prospective students. 

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