Why should I study business administration?

Business Administration is one of the most widely valued degrees in the modern work environment, as it provides a solid grounding in many areas of business and is flexible enough to prepare graduates for employment in many different careers.

Thanks to the understanding the course provides in many different areas of business, graduates can choose to pursue a career in varied disciplines such as marketing, operations, or administrative work.

In the modern job market, employers are increasingly seeking to find employees with the potential to contribute in multiple areas of the business – or who at least have an awareness of how their work can impact the rest of the company. This awareness is something a business administration degree indicates to them.

Many graduates will go on to work in a corporate environment, where  a degree in business administration will equip them with a clear understanding of the business structure and should help to adapt their work accordingly. Overall, business administration is widely considered to be one of the most promising degrees in terms of potential employment opportunities following graduation, thanks to its flexibility and the range of subjects which it covers. Business f 01

What skills will I develop studying Business Administration?

At SBBCollege we offer three degree levels of business administration (associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s) which provide students with a range of valuable skills for the modern business world. The specific skills and the depth in which they are taught will vary depending on the degree level.

Some of the skills which you will gain on these courses include:

  • Accounting skills – including employee payroll systems, income statements and balance sheets, and understanding the value of manual and computerized systems
  • The ability to accurately analyze and implement business decisions and reflect critically on these decisions
  • Effective communication skills and methods within a corporate environment
  • Human resources management – including learning about the processes of recruitment, interviewing, background checks, and conflict management
  • Entrepreneurship skill – an introduction to the processes and responsibilities involved in running your own business
  • Strategic planning – an introduction to strategically developing and implementing business planning on a short and long term basis
  • Training systems – an overview of effective training and development systems which can be used to progress employees within a business
  • Business technology – you will learn about the most effective methods for integrating modern technology into traditional business practices to enhance productivity and improve problem solving
  • Business management – an introduction to the best methods of people management, decision making and structural organization
  • Marketing – introducing the value of the most common methods of marketing a business in both traditional and online formats 

How can I apply these skills?

Due to the broad range of skills which can be developed during a degree program in business administration, there are many different career paths and opportunities available to graduates. This flexibility makes it a very beneficial degree to have earned, and can see graduates move into many different areas of business operations.

Here are just some of the paths which business administration graduates might choose to pursue following completion of their course:

Entrepreneurship – This course offers an excellent crash course in the basics of operating a business and many graduates use it as inspiration to run their own business. Due to the fairly comprehensive breadth of subjects the course covers this makes it a good basis for budding entrepreneurs.

Human Resources – The multitude of subjects covered in this degree are particularly well suited to those considering taking a position in human resources, as it will give graduates a clear understanding in things like the hiring process and employee conflict management.

Management Positions – The broad range of skills acquired in the program prepares graduates for management positions across many different industries. It is often expected that management should have an understanding of all areas of the business, from employee supervision to finance.

Sales Work – The program focuses on many useful areas including communication skills and marketing techniques, which can be utilized in sales situations. Graduates with a solid grounding in such principles can be very effective in sales positions.

Ultimately these desirable skills can help you be more competitive and begin a promising career in a variety of potential roles.

Find out more about our degrees in Business Administration: 

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