Although not a prerequisite for employment within the field, associate degrees in medical assisting provide employers with a reference point for the applicant’s level of skills and experience while ensuring that potential workers have the right and adequate level of training they need to perform well as medical assistants. What can I do with a degree in medical assisting

Career Options for Medical Assisting Degree Graduates

Graduates of medical assisting degree programs may wish to eventually return to school to train as licensed vocational nurses (LVNs), physician assistants (PAs) or registered nurses (RNs). Immediately however, a medical assisting degree program prepares students for a career as a medical assistant.

Job responsibilities for medical assistants can vary depending upon the size and location of the facility or practice in which they are working and the range of clinical procedures that medical assistants may perform also vary by state. Typical non-clinical duties could include:

  • Greeting patients and answering phones, booking appointments

  • Billing responsibilities, bookkeeping and correspondence in and out

  • Maintaining examination rooms

  • Recording patients' medical histories

  • Discussing medication prescriptions and other recommendations to patients

Degrees and Certification

Associate degree programs in medical assisting provide in-depth training to help individuals enter the field with the required skills. Employers also tend to place a high value on certification or registration credentials, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports. 

Medical assisting is a fast-growing career field in the health care industry - the BLS predicts a 29% increase in medical assistant opportunities between 2012 and 2022 as the health care industry continues to expand due to increased pressure upon the medical industry from greater numbers of patients seeking care and medical attention. Those medical assistants who are qualified to perform both clinical and medical office duties will be increasingly utilized, particularly within outpatient settings, the BLS reports.

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