The top 10 jobs that you can get with an MBA

Top 10 MBA JobsBefore the worldwide financial meltdown, MBA graduates appeared to have the pick of pretty much any top job available to them, with high-level and high-paying positions in finance, business, government as well as the non-profit sector. Once the financial crisis hit, even MBA graduates were affected by the slowdown.

According to U.S. News and World Report, things may now be about to change once again, with the job outlook for MBA graduates improving in the last year.

Here are the current top 10 jobs for MBA graduates worth considering:

1. Marketing Manager

Responsible for promoting an organization's products or services, the average salary for this type of role is reported at around $110,000 a year.

2. Financial Analyst

Looking after investments and advising companies and individuals on all aspects of their finances is worth around $75,000 per year at the moment.

3. Chief Executive Officer

Managing a company and overseeing all aspects of the day to day running could earn you around $160,000 annually.

4. Money/Stock/Bond/Options Trader

Buying and selling commodities in the fast-moving world of trading could easily bring you an annual salary of around $100,000 before bonuses.

5.  Management Consultant

Advising companies on all aspects of turning around their business and running a tighter ship is worth an average of $75,000 a year at the moment.

6. Insurance Agent

Selling policies to private individuals as well as organizations across a variety of verticals could mean an income of around $50,000 a year.

7. Sales Manager

Running a team of hungry sales people and ensuring they hit targets will recognize a salary ranging from $60 - $85,000 a year before any negotiated bonuses.

8. Hospitality/Hotel Manager

Running all aspects of a thriving hospitality or hotel business from the top to the bottom could bring you a salary of around $100,000 a year depending on the size of the business.

9. Accountant

Looking after clients financial records as an employee could be worth around $60,000 a year, while working for yourself in your own business could easily double that figure given some good ongoing customers and hard work.

10. Personal Financier

Providing advice on an individuals’ finances and taxes could generate an annual salary of $70,000 plus depending on how many and the nature of your client base.

From this information you can easily see that graduating with an MBA can mean you are much more marketable to companies and business looking to recruit the best people for their positions. An MBA demonstrates your abilities to handle pretty much any type of management position within a company or organization and therefore will allow you to earn the kind of salary that will be associated with that level of responsibility.

Source: The Bureau of Labor Statistics and 2014

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