The pharmacy school interview is an important part of the application process. You will get to meet the school’s admission staff, who you have previously only probably communicated with by application form and perhaps an email or two. This gives you both a great opportunity to see how you will fit into the program and how the school and the program fit with you.

Pharmacy School Interview QuestionsThe pharmacy school should make you feel as comfortable as possible during the interview process. It is not set up to trip you up, rather to find out more about you and how you would fare with the program requirements, so the interview should be a non-stressful situation. As part of the process you may get the opportunity to meet with current pharmacy school students and lecturers to gain some first-hand insight. This is a great opportunity and you should try to make the best use of any time you spend on this activity.

In the interview itself, ensure you are totally familiar with your written application in all its details so that you can speak about it, and enhance any areas with spoken answers when required. You will paint a much fuller and clearer picture of yourself if you are able to provide examples of the types of things you have included in your application to give your application support and some sense of reality. In addition, it is worth considering the types of questions that you may be asked and having an idea about how you will address them should they come up.

Some typical pharmacy school interview questions could include:

1. Tell me why you have applied for this program?

2. If applicable, what was your favorite course in college? Which did you find most difficult and why?

3. Describe one of your weaknesses. What have you done to improve?

5. Give an example of something you are proud of and why.

6. Why have you chosen to apply to our pharmacy program?

7. What are your plans for after you graduate?

8. What do you do in your spare time?

9. Where did your interest in pharmacy come from?

11. What would you consider the most important attributes for a pharmacist to have?

12. How do you feel you compare with those attributes?

13. Give us an example of when you have demonstrated your leadership ability.

14. Give us an example of when you used creativity to solve a problem.

15. Where would you like to see yourself 10 years?

In addition to these generic type questions you will need to familiarize yourself with current news and issues related to healthcare and particularly the pharmacy industry and be able to express an informed opinion or defend a position as necessary. Remember always to not engage in political debates or any topic that could be construed as ‘off subject’ however close to your heart it may be.

You may be asked some hypothetical questions related to difficult or ethical situations where you will be required to demonstrate either your experience in a certain type of situation or your judgement. Remember in these instances that there is usually no right or wrong answer, but you will need to ensure that any answer is backed with as many facts as possible and based on as real a situation as you can, so that you appear credible at all times. Most importantly of all, throughout the entire process, remember to take a moment to think over your answer before starting to speak. You will sound like you are considering and not rushing your answers rather than nervous, so don’t worry!

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