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Attending and successfully passing an interview at nursing college could be the key to you being able to study your chosen program or not. Luckily, there are some areas that you can prepare for and be aware of in advance that will hopefully help you be able to not only handle the process but be able to make an impact and give yourself the best possible chance of success.

The interview itself will be part of the application process, so bear in mind that it is important but it is by no means the only method that the college will be using to consider you for a place in a program.

Be prepared

Nursing School InterviewsThe crucial aspect of preparing yourself for a nursing school interview is to try to relax whenever possible. You will come across as more confident than you think you sound without doubt; that is a rule with interviews, so try not to get yourself into a state of worry beforehand.

If you are being interviewed on a face-to-face basis, be prepared to wear something fairly formal. Treat the interview seriously and dress accordingly to show that you mean business.

Despite your nervousness, always remember to be courteous at all times. It is easy to appear sullen when you are a little shaky or not to engage in eye to eye contact. Being courteous can help with rapport building and in making you feel comfortable enough to get your answers across. Try at all times to give full and complete answers, not just one word retorts; even to questions that could be a one word answer. If the interviewer is not skilled enough to ask you open questions, ensure you are skilled enough to reply with a detailed answer to give them all the information they need.

Although an interview is a pretty false scenario, always be yourself in your responses. You will find it much easier to keep going when you are not playing a role.

Remember to try to be as articulate as possible with your replies, whether you’re being interviewed face-to-face or by phone. Speak as clearly as you can and try to inject some feeling into your answers to reflect your passion for your chosen career. Also remember that this is your chance to let them hear why you want to study with them so getting your message across in as clear a way as you can is crucial as they will be making notes.

Make sure you have done some actual research in preparation. Read everything you can about your chosen institution and program, including reviews from other students, so that you are aware of anything that they may throw at you during the interview and are able to demonstrate your understanding. Also be prepared to talk about your long-term career goals to show you have thought about this choice long and hard and that this wasn’t a quick and easy decision for you to apply for a nursing program.

It is always wise however, to still have some questions prepared for your interviewer about the program or college. Don’t forget you need to be sure about your choices as they need to be sure about you as a potential student.

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