If you're interested in going to school for HVAC training, it’s important to research schools so that you may find the school that can best help you reach your goals.

Will you have access to hands-on lab and on-the-job training? How long will you be in school? Read below for the different items you should consider when choosing a HVAC school.

Hands-on Lab Training

In such a hands-on field such as HVAC, it’s important to receive hands-on training by practicing the work you’ll actually be doing in your career. HVAC schools should provide the knowledge and theories behind the installation, maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and then should provide plenty of practice to perfect the skills of their students.

At SBBCollege, our students receive extensive hands-on lab work and informative classroom instruction to become proficient when dealing with HVAC systems in residential, commercial and industrial structures. Plus, most of the machines in the labs have real-time problems (not trainers), which better prepares students for real-life issues.

On-the-job Training

Practice makes perfect. So the more hands-on training a student receives from his/her HVAC school, the better. In addition to hands-on lab training, on-the-job training enables a HVAC student to become that much more proficient at his/her skills. Extra training can also make the student more marketable when applying for HVAC jobs.

Each student in the SBBCollege HVAC program participates in an externship towards the end of the program. During the externship, students receive real-world work experience at a local HVAC business where they can further perfect their skills and develop networking contacts in the HVAC field. Students lacking previous work experience can also gain confidence and add to their resume through this externship opportunity.

Program Length

In today’s world, time is money. Does the school offer an accelerated HVAC training program so that graduates can start working sooner rather than later? The longer you’re in school means the longer you’ll have to wait until you start earning a paycheck.

SBBCollege’s HVAC certificate program can be completed in about ten months – including the externship. That means students can get in, get trained and start working, without wasting time.

Additional Services

Along with knowledge and training the HVAC school provides, do you receive any additional services to help you be more successful at reaching your goals?

Students at SBBCollege receive additional services to help them be more successful. Upon enrolling, students meet one-on-one with a member of the financial services team who walks students through the financial aid process. Students may also receive tutoring for a little extra help in grasping the material. When students are ready to apply for jobs, they also receive job-placement assistance, help with writing resumes and tips to ace their interviews.

Graduate Outcomes

It’s important to know the types of HVAC jobs the graduates of the HVAC training program obtain. After all, this is why most HVAC students enroll in the program – to start a career in the HVAC field.

Here are just a few examples of where graduates of the SBBCollege HVAC program have started their HVAC careers.

  • Service Technician at a refrigeration company in Santa Barbara.
  • HVAC Technician at a heating and air organization in Buellton.
  • Maintenance Engineer at a luxury resort in Santa Barbara.
  • Building Maintenance Worker at the County office in Santa Barbara.
  • HVAC Installer at an air conditioning company in Oxnard.
  • Service Technician at a HVAC company in Oxnard.

Ready to get started?


HVAC at SBBCollege

Students in the fast-track HVAC program,

  • -install, inspect and maintain HVAC and refrigerant systems
  • -works hands-on in the HVAC lab
  • -get work experience in the College’s externship program
  • -can complete the program in about 10 months
  • -are prepared to sit for the Universal EPA Section 608 and Universal R-410a Certification exam

To learn more about the HVAC training program, schedule an information session to visit the lab, learn about the program, costs, financial aid and more.

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