How to pass an MBA interview

The interview process for an MBA program is designed to look beyond the application form and associated paperwork at the person seeking to study and their level of experience, skill and personality. Expect to be questioned and therefore be able to respond positively, on the following areas:

Applying for an MBA programa) Professional experience gained from within a working environment. Schools will be looking to enrol students who have first-hand experience of the real world of business, of making decisions within a high pressure managerial level environment and providing solutions to issues within the workplace across a variety of different areas. At least 2 years’ experience would be preferable for most schools, but some insist on longer.

b) Knowledge of your specialist field. Schools will seek students who are not only knowledgeable about specific areas and disciplines within business, but who are able to accurately and articulately describe that knowledge. Areas to be aware of could include human resources, marketing, taxation, overseas market and developments within information technology.

c) Personality. Your big opportunity at the interview is to get across verbally and non-verbally just what kind of a person you are. Good managers must be able to communicate clearly, formulate constructive arguments to back up their thinking and be able to deal with a variety of complex issues.

d) Motivation for choosing to do an MBA. Be prepared to outline your reasons for choosing and MBA and how much you’ve thought it through along with your plans for the future in relation to gaining such an accolade. Don’t go into an interview situation solely with ‘increasing my salary’ as your sole motivation for wanting to study because it could give the wrong impression of you from the outset. If you can’t get across four or five good solid reasons for wanting to do an MBA, either re-think your real motivation or change direction before it’s too late.

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