Developments within the Nursing Industry and the impact on salary levels for nurses

Demand for nurses continues to grow in line with the greater reliance on health care by an aging population with a diverse range of complaints requiring more professionally trained staff with a wider variety of specialist knowledge in new roles. There are currently almost 3 million Registered Nurses (RNs) in the US, with the outlook promising this number to increase as the health system becomes more complex to cope with the demand.

Nursing Developments & SalariesWith the advent of these new roles, nurses are often urged to gain additional qualifications and skills in order to differentiate themselves from their colleagues. 

The recent report “Future of Nursing” by the Institute of Medicine outlines the benefits of increasing the education requirements and achievements for practicing nurses and most notably reported that nurses with baccalaureate degrees are regularly outperforming their RN counterparts, resulting in legislative bills in both New Jersey and New York state that require all RNs to acquire a BSN within 10 years of receiving RN certification. This requirement of ‘BSN in 10’ is increasing among the entire health care industry.

Despite the potential worry of undertaking and obtaining higher qualifications, RNs are being urged to look to the positives that additional studies could bring, such as increased earnings, potential promotion opportunities and enhanced job security; all long term goals that should surely sit well with RNs.

 RN’s with a BSN can consider a wide range of positions within the health care sector including:

  • Head nurses
  • Department chiefs
  • Administrative manager
  • Nurse anesthetist
  • Clinical nurse manager
  • Nurse practitioner

From an employers’ perspective, nurses that complete a program such as an RN to BSN prove that they are capable of taking on new and crucial knowledge and skills in order to cope with the requirements of an increasingly complex health care sector as well as undertake the rigors of a demanding academic program at the same time, indicating that he or she could be capable of fulfilling higher level managerial positions as well as specialized roles within the nursing field. 

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