Criminal Justice Courses


Courses in the curriculum will cover:

  • Several areas of law including legal terminology
  • Ethical practices and procedures in the criminal justice field, including measuring consequences
  • Interviewing and investigative techniques – evidence identification/collection and crime scene preservation
  • Overview of police procedures and the study of criminal behavior
  • Criminal investigation report writing emphasizing style, research, and techniques for complete and precise reporting
  • Both federal and state court systems – explore and analyze court cases
  • Common traits and characteristics of deviant behavior – human behavior that may lead to criminal activity
  • Comprehensive study of white collar and financial crime, including consumer fraud, environmental crime, corporate fraud and computer crime
  • Theories of violence – the victims and the offenders
  • Functions and services provided by Homeland Security – focusing on terrorism, its effects on society and an insight into the Intelligence system
  • Responsibilities and issues faced by correctional administration – criminal sanctions, program/services for criminals, prison staff responsibilities
  • Understanding of diversity and multi-cultural specifics for law enforcement – terrorism/disaster preparedness and racial profiling are covered
  • Understanding the world of organized crime – historical data and the effects on society
  • Comprehensive study of the technology used in law enforcement and the criminal justice environment – computer science, wireless technology, networks, wiretaps, tracking/surveillance and high-tech crime
  • Understanding the juvenile justice system– the dynamics which cause juvenile crime and the effect of the system on the juvenile offender

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