Business Administration Coursework

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The bachelor’s degree in business administration curriculum contains coursework on the following:

  • Basic accounting—manual and computerized—including payables, receivables, income statements and balance sheets
  • Employee payroll—manual and computerized
  • Business communications—verbal and written
  • Business ethics and critical thinking—to make good, ethically based decisions
  • Management of people, decision making, organizational structure and culture
  • Organizational behavior and management as it relates to employees
  • Purpose, function and the responsibilities of marketing, including global marketing
  • The evaluation of a company's financial position including risks and opportunities
  • Technology and how information systems are used to enhance business and solve problems
  • Human resource management—labor studies, job descriptions, recruitment, interview process, background investigations and the hiring process
  • Training, developing, coaching, and motivation of employees
  • Introduction to international business—challenges and opportunities, cultural differences and political risks
  • E-Business concepts—current and emerging issues in business transactions utilizing a variety of electronic services
  • Entrepreneurship—the processes and responsibilities associated with building and owning a business
  • Planning theories and systems—how to systematically develop a clear strategic plan

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