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Aviation Program California

Our Aviation degree program aims to equip you with the skills and academic knowledge needed to obtain entry-level positions in commercial aviation. Instruction is via a progressive and fascinating mix of lectures, discussions, research, case studies, laboratory exercises, practical flight activities, writing assignments and video demonstrations. It is provided on a one-on-one, first-name basis, enabling you to get extra attention in the areas you need, and to build lasting relationships with professional, FAA-certified aviators.

The trained flight instructors will guide you through the theory and flight time required to sit for five aviation licenses including:

  • Private pilot
  • Instrument rated pilot
  • Certified flight instructor (CFI, CFII)
  • Commercial pilot - single engine
  • Commercial pilot - multi engine

Additional program objectives include: 

  • Applying Federal Regulations FAR/AIM to private and commercial flight
  • Applying physical parameters of the atmosphere to flight
  • Applying principles of aviation crew resource management to management of ground and air crews
  • Applying theory and principles of aerodynamics and aircraft systems from a pilot’s perspective
  • Utilizing VFR/IFR navigation and navigational systems for flight

Completion of the program may reduce FAA-mandated flight time for an Air Transport Pilot (ATP) by 250 hours. It also guarantees you the opportunity to interview for Certified Flight Instructor positions. If hired, this position will help you gain flight hours to qualify for ATP positions sooner. 

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