Financial Aid

With our college scholarships, it’s not about your past. It's about your future.

At SBBCollege, we’ve been investing in our communities for 125 years.

Now we’re putting $2 Million into new scholarships to help all kinds of local people achieve their academic and career goals.

By making our career-focused programs even more affordable, these awards could enable you to finish college and gain a practical advantage in the job market.

And - unlike most scholarships – eligibility doesn’t depend on the grades you’ve received so far, but rather on your potential for success in the future.

We have scholarships for high school seniors and recent high school graduates, for bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs, for MBA students, for public servants and working adults... Each has its own qualifying criteria. Each could be the financial boost you deserve.

SBBCollege offers scholarships to assist students enrolled in the College’s bachelor’s, associate’s, or master’s degree programs. 

Current scholarship offerings include:

Scholarship for Recent High School Graduates

SBBCollege awards a $2,000 Career Path College Scholarship to high school seniors, recent high school graduates and recent GED recipients who enroll in the College's associate's or bachelor's degree programs.

Scholarship for Working Adults

SBBCollege offers a $2,400 Scholarship for Working Adults to support students who have made the decision to return to college to improve their chances of upward mobility career-wise or simply to pursue their dream of earning a college degree.

Emergency Responder Scholarship

In recognition of their service to our communities, SBBCollege is proud to offer the $3,000 Public Safety/Emergency Responder Scholarship to law enforcement personnel, fire fighters, public safety employees and their immediate family.

Want to find out more?

For a complete list of all scholarships available from SBBCollege, call us on 1-866-749-7222 or click here and enter your details in the green box.

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